The Human Resource Management Association of Jamaica was launched in 1980 under the name Jamaica Association of Training and Development, (JATAD) with the aim to make an impact on the level of human resource development training in Jamaica.

In an effort to broaden the appeal of the Association as truly representing the full cadre of HRM professionals the Association was rebranded and became the Human Resource Management Association of Jamaica, (HRMAJ) in July 2005. 

HRMAJ welcomes the unique talents, contributions and diversity of its members, while seeking to engage their participation in choosing its direction, setting priorities, attracting and securing resources to achieve our mission. Our mission as an organization seeks to operate as a vibrant and proactive organization that provides value-added services to our members, partners, associates and the wider community; influencing policy, promoting organizational growth and the development of human capital. 

Our mission would be achieved by the implementation of initiatives in human capital development, accreditation, continuing education and public and private sector partnerships, such as the signed Memorandum Of Understanding (MOU) with HEART Trust/NTA and the Ministry of Finance and the Public Service, as we strive to empower Jamaican communities and enterprises to increase workforce productivity, job creation and competitiveness in the global marketplace in order to sustain Jamaica.

We offer HR support for our members, through our website, e publication (HR Post), training interventions and the expert knowledge of our members. The HR Post provides a platform for members to publish their opinions/thoughts on any given topic. We also provide a cadre of training programmes which are designed to enhance the skills of HRM practitioners and Business partners. The training programmes also provide an avenue for employed HRM professionals to transition to consultancy status through programme development and presentations in the various fields of HRM.  Members are given the opportunity to build their leadership skills through directorship or as committee chairpersons. 

Our flagship Conference is held every November and this event brings to the HRM arena, current local and international HRM and Business practices, research findings and recent developments in the field. It brings together the best HRM minds in Jamaica and acts as a catalyst for younger members to be exposed to cutting edge HRM/business practices.

The Association is led by a Board comprising twelve (12) members. The current President is Lois C.A. Walters, Principal Director, HR Policy and Information Branch, Strategic HR Mgmt. Division, Ministry of Finance and the Public Service.

The Secretariat consists of three full time staff and a part time Accountant.